Enterprise Reality Hazard Simulation and Safety Training System

Virtual and augmented reality has long been used for leisure and fun activities. Now it could help save lives in your workplace and protect your assets, by helping your organization prevent accidents!


Save Time

Reduce the man-hours required for effective training. No more out-of-site, long duration training

Save Costs

Slash your safety training budget by over 40%. No more specialized training equipment and expensive specialist trainers

Enhance Knowledge

Ensure higher knowledge retention by having experiential learning requiring less theory

Measure Results

Real-time validation of competency. Be confident that your workforce knows what to do, by watching them do it.

High risk industrial operations require a high level of safety competency because human error in failure events is usually catastrophic. However, conventional training methods – despite the huge resources typically required – do not adequately provide the level of skill and knowledge retention required; and at other times, the result is not readily quantifiable.

Our virtual reality application is a versatile safety training and hazard simulation tool, with immediate applicability across the enterprise value chain.

Our technology engages workers in an immersive virtual environment through different operational hazard scenarios; showing consequences, offering correction and improving competence by allowing learning through a more natural process that closely mirrors the actual experience without the risks, damages or consequences possible in live events.