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QHSE and Sustainability

Our Quality, Health Safety and Environmental consultancy hinges on management system standards, industry specific guidance and best practices, and client region regulatory compliance requirements.

A systems approach to management helps you to efficiently execute strategies and streamline your business processes. In many cases, customers, investors, other stakeholders and even government desire that an organization has an implemented, and frequently certified, management system, which assures that the business is being run in line with global best practices.

We provide consultancy, coaching and training when you want to develop, implement and integrate management systems. Our services cover the areas of quality, environment, health & safety using the latest standards of ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018. For our information technology clients, we have the competencies to plan, develop, implement and audit ISO 27001 and ISO 22000.

Our services range from gap analysis, through assistance in establishing specific procedures, to system auditing. We help you ensure that you have your documentation in order so you can readily provide interested parties with credible system documentation.

For organizations that are not yet prepared to certify to a management system, we can equally develop a bespoke environmental safety and health management system meeting industry standards specific to their industry and regulatory requirements.

Management System Process

As part of establishing or updating management systems, we carry out a gap analysis, to determine what needs to be done to meet certification requirements, based on the existing procedures and business processes, in comparison to the requirements of the standards.

The analysis will show which elements the system lacks to live up to the required standard. In order to find the best possible solution within the framework of the company, our starting point will always be a dialogue with you.

Establishing and Embedding Processes

We help you map the processes of your business, the input and output, and the necessary controls and resources. During this, we identify the responsibilities and authorities associated with each process.

Once the system is established, we ensure that the processes are embedded in the organization. We then carry out internal audits to verify that the system is implemented and operating effectively. This ensures that you get a system that works and provides measurable value to your business.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Business makes sense when it is sustainable

As a critical component of sustainability reporting, we offer consultancy and solutions for EHS/CSR documentation and communication.

Continuously heavier demands are made on the environmental health and safety performance and sustainability efforts of companies. 

Where strategy can be complex, the communication hereof should be simple, credible and well documented.

With the introduction of the Global Reporting Index, large companies now have the option of reporting about their efforts with sustainability and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), including how they approach these efforts. 

Also for small companies, an early investment in this domain might turn out to be a commercial advantage for the company.


We offer a number of services within EHS/ CSR documentation and communication. The starting point is always your needs and the specific conditions which apply to your company

  • Strategy: We offer to act as your sparring partner in determining an overall strategy in the EHS/ CSR field or in connection with strategic efforts related to specific sub topics. For instance, when setting targets within an established environmental health and safety management system.
  • Sustainability communication: We advise on how the work of the company with social, ethical and environmental conditions can be disseminated and how to ensure that current legislation on sustainability communication is complied with.
  • Consultancy: We offer consultancy, preparation, documentation and communication of your environmental initiatives and results. We can advise you from the beginning to the end of your project, assuring that you apply your resources optimally, both from an economic and an EHS-MS point of view.

Our Competency Assurance

Our consultancy services and solutions begin with our expertise within the sustainability and CSR area. We have ongoing projects with sustainability, EHS, and CSR dimensions, which ensure a reliable benchmark for design of solutions in future projects.