Marine Logistics

In recent years, the focus within the marine industry has been on cost efficiency and regulatory compliance regarding safety, security and environmental issues.

Sundance Technologies (West Africa) Limited works with indigenous and foreign marine operators and IOCs to identify solutions in these areas and address other challenges for the maritime sector.

Our maritime competencies are built on talent and expertise in maritime technology and services, as we constantly push the boundaries of technology and performance.

Our maritime support activities cover the various spectrum of offshore service, marine transport, and shore-based operations.


  • Support services to offshore installations and vessels
  • Offshore construction and research
  • Security services
  • Personnel transport
  • Dive support
  • Emergency planning and response
  • Critical equipment supplies
Our Vessels

FACT: Approximately 90% of the global commercial transportation today is waterborne

Offshore vessels undertake complex and challenging assignments. This places great demands on the vessel requiring careful consideration.

In addition to transporting supplies and personnel, some offshore vessels are also used for specialized operations – like pipe laying and dredging, often in very inaccessible places and in all weathers. It is therefore essential that the seaworthiness and capabilities of offshore vessels are optimal. Sundance Technologies (West Africa) Limited specializes in providing safe and efficient marine crafts for our clients.

Our fleet of marine crafts available for charter and lease include the following:

  • Platform/Offshore Support Vessels
  • Construction Vessels
  • AHTS with (FiFi) Capability
  • Patrol Boats
  • Offshore Jack-up Drilling Rigs
  • Jack-up Barge (Liftboat)
  • Crew Boats
  • FSIVs
  • Work/Accommodation Barges

Marine Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Aside from regulatory requirements, the business case for a robust health and safety management system in maritime operations cannot be overemphasized. A single loss event might be catastrophic and wipe off a profitable business venture within a few hours – if not minutes.

Our core expertise as maritime consultants gives our clients assurance of business continuity in the face of uncertainty.

Our maritime safety and compliance assurance service includes the following:

  • Development, implementation and audit of HSE management system in line with ISM code, flag state regulations, and class society requirements
  • Marine safety equipment procurement, maintenance and inspection
  • Emergency standby services for high risk operations (with a standby team of firefighters, paramedics and hazardous material control experts)
  • Supply of SOPEP materials (spill control kits)

Marine Engineering Procurement

With technical partnerships with OEMs, we are able to procure specialized marine equipment and parts, with guaranteed delivery within critical deadlines.