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Policies – The Make or Mar of an Enterpr

Some businesses thrive based on favourable policies, while other suffers on account of same. Types of Policies Basically, there are three types of policies significant to a business: Internal policies – based on business objectives Industry policies – obligatory standards set by trade bodies and professional associations. Government policies – regulatory standards (mandatory and enforceable) […]

The Future of Health and Safety – Experi

The Future of Health and Safety – Experiential Learning Using Augmented Reality

A powerful learning tool is on the horizon; safety and health can now be simulated for industrial processes using Augmented Reality (AR) – an interactive computer-generated experience within a simulated multimedia environment – which incorporates visual, auditory, haptic, and other types of sensory feedback to aid interactions. This interactive environment is a mix of real […]

Safe on the Seas

Safe on the Seas

Safe on the Seas Every year, there are countless mishaps in the maritime sector, whether in the ports, on inland waterways, the Atlantic, and even offshore facilities. There are major marine accident categories which are rife in our maritime landscape, these include: Equipment failure Sinking/ turning turtle Fire and explosion Collision Uncontrolled release of chemical […]